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this really cheered me up



Ben Howard: ‘The more attention I got, the less I wanted it

These photos did something to my heart
  • tumblr: omg look at this sex god
  • me: he has the appeal of a wet potato chip


drunk me is the me i really want to be. confident, hilarious and, most importantly, drunk. 

What to do when your coworkers are not so secretly dating
— A Guide by Sergeant Detective Korsak

So how many more eps until jack is out?

"They’re arguing, but they’re saying their greatest fear. Cause Callie’s afraid she’s not [a] good enough lesbian, and Arizona’s afraid that Callie doesn’t really love her. And, when in fact you discover in that scene with Gary Clark, the exact opposite’s true. They both really love each other. And Callie’s speech to that little girl about Arizona’s super magic smile is one of my favorite things ever. It’s the sweetest, sweetest moment. And I love that in that moment Arizona’s first instinct is to throw her body over a child. And Callie’s instinct is to protect them both. It was very beautiful and kind of a metaphor for them and their future and the family unit, which I thought was really beautiful.”~Shonda Rhimes